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Tabb hoping to visit Arkansas

Red Bank (N.J.) Catholic tight end Jack Tabb recently voiced his desire to visit Arkansas before the start of his senior season and he's still hoping to do just that.
The 6-foot-4, 230-pound prospect from the Garden State has visited schools all over the country so far this summer so he knows a lot more than he knew several months ago.
There are still schools that have offered but he hasn't visited yet, and he's hoping to knock at least one school off that list soon.
"I think we still are trying to [visit Arkansas] before school starts, which is in a couple of weeks," Tabb said on Sunday. "We were actually going to try and plan that sometime this week. I have to get in touch with them [the coaches] about it.
"My mom has family down there but I don't know that we would have time to go see them. I'll probably just go see the school."
Though he has never been to check out the school, Tabb keeps up with college football and knows a little bit about the Razorbacks.
"I've heard a couple of things about them," he said. "Not really about the school. More so about football. I've heard about [tight end] D.J. Williams and they did pretty well last year with Ryan Mallett."
Red Bank Catholic's first game of the season is September 10th. They just had their intrasquad scrimmage on Saturday. Now they have a few more practices and their first actual scrimmage against another team next week.
"Compared to the past, I'd say one of our best teams was the 2008 team. I think we look a little bit like that," he reflected. "We look pretty good. I'm looking forward to this season. We've got a new running back and a new quarterback, and we're really young on defense, especially the front eight, but I think we can be good.
"I'm going to be moving around a lot. On offense I'll play tight end and wide receiver, and I'll go in the [backfield] a couple times. On defense I'll play a lot of [outside] linebacker, some defensive end, and sometimes I'll play inside linebacker."
Tabb said he has started to think about where he would like to go for official visits but has not made any decisions yet.