Syracuse picks up No. 4

Chances are you probably haven't heard much about Brooklyn (N.Y.) Xaverian linebacker Mario Tull thus far.
Now that the 6-foot-1, 205-pound prospect has committed to Syracuse he will find himself under a much bigger spotlight.
Tull's recent commitment was an under the radar event, but the Orange's coaching staff believes they have a good one.
"I verbally committed to Syracuse about three days ago," Tull said on Tuesday afternoon. "(The coaches) were very excited. I feel good about my decision."
Why does Tull feel Syracuse is the right choice for him?
"It was my first offer," he explained. "I didn't want to let a good opportunity go to waste. You never know what the future holds. I'm excited about it. I'm ready to go. It's a rebuilding program so I probably have the chance to play as a freshman or sophomore."
Tull said he had received attention from Hofstra prior to his decision to attend Syracuse.
The Orange will look at Tull first as a linebacker, but he could get a shot at strong safety, depending on how his body develops and his speed improves in the next year.
He has only been to Syracuse one time but feels confident in his decision. That said, he isn't ruling out the possibility that there might be a change of heart down the road.
"I've been there once before. They had a junior day so I took a trip there for that," he said. "I liked the facilities and everything. I don't know much of anything about the school yet, but based on what I've seen everything is good. They gave us a tour around the weight room and everything was football-oriented. They let us know what your schedule is like once you get there.
"I feel like this is the right decision but I want to keep my options open."