Syracuse picks up Florida DE

When it comes to big athletes from the Sunshine State one of the very best is Max Beaulieu. Beauileu, 6-4 and 245 pounds, is from Ft. Lauderdale, where he played for University School. Yesterday, he made his choice of where he wants to play his college football.
"Max is headed over to Syracuse and committed today (Monday)," University Head Coach Roger Harriot said. "He spoke to coach (Drayton) today. I think he committed to Syracuse because of their tradition, history and the potential of the program. He wants to help establish that program.
"Max was amazed by the substantial amount of support the players have. He also liked how the coaches were with the kids. There is a genuine value system there and he was overwhelmed by the authentic relationship the coaches and players have. It's a real family environment. Max came back from his visit there just elated. He thinks it will be a great fit for him."
So now the question for Syracuse and Beauileu is what position will he play for the Orangemen?
"He brings a variety of attributes and I think he will end up playing defense. He's someone you can play inside or at defensive end. He has a great body frame and I could see Max get up to 275 pounds. And he moves like an athlete.
"He also has great leadership skills and good character. Max has been through a lot and he's a very mature individual."
Beaulieu committed to Syracuse over Purdue, Arkansas, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, Nebraska and others.