Syracuse lands first commitment of 2006

The new Syracuse football staff is beating the bushes looking for players who can help them in their new offensive scheme. Ironically, their latest commitment is used to playing in an option offense and would be a great fit for the old regime. However, he also has the ability to stretch the field and will help open up the Syracuse passing game down the road.
"Mike is a phenomenal wide receiver and Syracuse wants to use him to improve their vertical passing game," said Buffalo (N.Y.) Riverside head coach Tony Truilizio of his wide out, Mike Williams. "He's a downfield receiver with his size and quickness."
Williams is 6-foot-3 and 200 pounds and runs the 40-yard dash in 4.6 seconds. He had 14 touchdowns as a junior, three coming on kick returns, and is an excellent blocker.

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"He needs to gain more upper body strength and we want to add 10 pounds to his frame," said Truilizio. "He's a very good blocker because of the option/wishbone offense we run and he's a good route runner."
Syracuse has always been his dream school.
"They were the first big offer he got and where he always wanted to go," his coach said. "Teams like Buffalo, Wisconsin, Toledo, Ohio and a bunch of Division II schools came in, but when Syracuse offered it was over."