Syracuse, BC interested in Fabiano

While Syracuse and Boston College have declined to extend offers to Anthony Fabiano to date, both schools appear to be gathering information and evaluating the jumbo athlete from Massachusetts.
Fabiano is hoping that he can become one of the state's few prospects, as is always the case, that picks up Division I offers to play football.
Harvard, Bryant and a smaller school in Maine have put offers on the table for Fabiano, but the next step -- according to many -- is for FBS schools to offer. Ultimately, it might not matter, as Fabiano has a bit of a surprise favorite.
"I would say Harvard is probably my favorite," he said. "Then I'd say Boston College."
Though at 6-foot-5 and 238-pounds Fabiano is listed as a tight end by, Boston College sees him developing into an offensive lineman. That would be okay with him.
Fabiano said BC offensive line coach Sean Devine has been in contact and is showing a lot of interest.
He was recently at another school for a recruiting-related event, and that seemed to go well.
"Last week I visited Syracuse," Fabiano recalled. "I went to their junior day and it was great. The facilities were great and the coaches were great. They have a lot of experience. They seemed pretty interested."
Fabiano said he hopes to attend summer camps at Boston College and Harvard a few months down the road.