Syracuse adds DT Tribbey

Syracuse added some help along the defensive line when Richmond (Va.) Varina defensive tackle Bud Tribbey committed to the Orange today. The 6-foot-0, 280-pounder chose Syracuse after a heated battle with Virginia Tech.
"I've committed to Syracuse," he said. "I picked them because I really like the area around the school and I like the coaches a lot. They showed me a ton I didn't expect when I visited there this past weekend. I think the thing that put them over the top on my visit was the educational opportunities there.
"That was a big part of my decision and I think I'd get a better education at Syracuse particularly in my field, communications. They have one of top communications degrees in the country and provide a great support system with tutors and more."
Of course the coaches played an important role in Tribbey's decision.
"I really like the coaches there because they all know what they are talking about since they have tremendous backgrounds," he said. "Coach Robinson knows what he's doing. He coached for the Broncos when they won the Super Bowl. On top of that, I really like that he focuses on the academics and education. He actually cares about his players and isn't completely consumed with getting them to the pros.
"I'd say coach Cross was also a big factor in my decision. He really stuck out to me because I felt so comfortable around him. I take nothing away from Virginia Tech because he's a great defensive coach too, but I felt more comfortable with coach Cross."
The Orangemen are looking for the two-star prospect to play defensive tackle.
"The coaches haven't talked much about playing time, but from what I can tell if I work hard enough I'm sure I'll get a chance early on. They all think I'm going to be an impact player for them on the defensive side of the ball."
Tribbey went on to say he was very happy with his decision.
"I'm very sure about my commitment and proud of it," he said. "I don't have any regrets and I think it'll work out the best for me.
"I want to tell the fans that Dwight Freeney is coming back to town. He's my role model and came from Syracuse and I look to follow in his footsteps."