Swain, Sanders are thinking AM

Package deals in recruiting are a funny thing. They happen every year, but the idea seems to carry a bit of a stigma. Players don't often admit to wanting to play side-by-side with a friend at the college level. Most go out of their way to downplay the narrative.
Then, there's Rahmon Swain.
Swain, a sophomore at Butler County (Kan.) Community College, isn't shy about his intentions. If the fact that he and his fellow Grizzlies linebacker Tommy Sanders have matching gold teeth didn't tip people off, Swain wastes no time clearing things up. Turns out, the duo is close. Really close.

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"We're definitely a package deal," Swain said. "Tommy is like my blood brother. We're going together. We're family."
Swain isn't shy about much. His answers to most questions rage against today's norm of forced recruiting mystery. Which schools is he considering? Well, the list is short.
"Texas A&M," Swain said. "That's about it. I'd love to go A&M. Tommy and I talk about A&M all the time."
The SEC has a certain pull with Swain, who grew up in Atlanta. The Aggies are the clear favorite to land the two junior college linebackers, and things seem to be progressing quickly toward that end.
"Hopefully, I'm going to visit A&M over thanksgiving break," Swain said. "The linebackers coach was down here to offer. That's when we started talking about Thanksgiving break. Hopefully I'm going to make it there then."
Mississippi State, South Florida, Houston, Kansas State and Central Florida continue to recruit Swain. At this point, though, most seem to be wasting breath. Unless another program from the Southeastern Conference pokes its head in, the linebacker's plans are quite clear.
"The SEC is really the only place I see myself fitting in," Swain said. "I grew up with the SEC, and A&M is pretty much the only SEC school recruiting me."
When the subject of a commitment timetable is brought up, Swain decides it's time to go the traditional route. His attempt to inject some sort of drama into his recruitment isn't particularly strong, but the effort is there.
Does he plan to commit to Texas A&M on his upcoming visit? He's not saying, but the smile on his face when he responds sure hints at an answer.
"I'm going to keep that one to myself for now," he said with a laugh. "I guess we'll see."