Swain clears the air

Jimmie Swain has heard the rumors. He knows he helped create them with a cryptic tweet. He knows people think he's wavering on his pledge to TCU. None of this snuck up on the four-star linebacker.
Turns out, the explanation is simple:
Kids tweet things. Some of it has to do with recruiting. Some of it has to do with their homecoming dates or the food in their high school cafeterias.

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The 140 characters Swain wrote about his family having a problem with his "big decision" was not a football tweet. In fact, he doesn't even remember what it referenced. It could have been about Taco Bell for all he knows. After all, high school students sometimes tweet about Taco Bell. That's not important. What is important is that all is well with the Swain-TCU marriage.
"I'm firmly committed," Swain said on Tuesday. "There's nothing going on. I got a couple texts about this already. People were trying to see if I'm de-committing. I'm not de-committing. I have no intention of de-committing."
The situation at hand is actually quite the opposite of perception. The Olathe (Kan.) North prospect says he does not intend to take additional official visits. His recruitment is over, just like is has been more than a month.
"Taking other visits would just be wasted of the other coaches' time and a waste of money," Swain said. "I'd rather just let them go and recruit somebody else rather than have them waste time on me."
The only official visit Swain is working to set up is to TCU. Until then, though, he's playing the game as the recruiter, not the recruited.
When Swain attended the TCU-LSU game over the weekend, he acted as a pitchman. His top target was also the Horned Frogs' top target. And when he cozied up to four-star tackle Braden Smith, Swain liked what he heard.
"I talked to Braden at the game," Swain said. "I think TCU is where he's leaning just from talking to him, but I don't know. I'm working."
A four-star prospect and the 20th-ranked outside linebacker in America, Swain committed to TCU in August. He picked the Horn Frogs over offers from Kansas State, Arkansas, Michigan State, Oregon and others.