Sutton takes first official

2014 S Courtland Sutton out of Texas took his first official visit this past weekend to BYU.
"It was pretty nice," he said. "The town is beautiful and the people were really nice. It's a wonderful town and the assistants were great, it's a great team, it's a really nice place.
"I saw the facilities, weight room, equipment room and all that. I interacted with the team and saw the game. The game was great. I liked the way the defense flies to the ball. It was a great thing to watch there."
Sutton enjoyed his time with the staff.
"I liked how positive they were," he said. "They'll coach of course, but they're not negative towards their players. They are hard on them, but everything is encouraging. They want you to do the best you can to your abilities. The coach staff is full of wonderful people."
One thing surprised Sutton about the trip.
"Everyone told me it's going to be all Mormons and they are going to try to convert me and stuff like that," he said. "It wasn't like that at all. It's a good relief to know that everyone on the team isn't Mormon and it's a good education."
Sutton claims they are moving up on his list.
"The visit definitely puts BYU up there within my top three because of the campus and knowing what they offer. It was a great feeling to see what is going on there."
Sutton doesn't have any other officials set, but is working on trips to Colorado and Washington State, saying, "I think Washington State is trying to get me up in the next couple weeks and Colorado in the next month.
In addition, Sutton is starting to hear more from a few other schools including Houston, Utah State and Texas A&M.