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Survey says: ACC players sound off on numerous topics

Doak Campbell Stadium

CHARLOTTE – The 2017 ACC kickoff event has come and gone. In between discussing the upcoming season and other matters pertinent to the approaching fall, Rivals.com surveyed a number of players on a number of different ACC teams on five league-based questions. Their answers are listed below.

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What is the league's toughest road environment?

Lane Stadium

“The toughest place I played at was my first year at Florida State. When they go into that tomahawk chop, it’s insane.” -- Virginia defensive back Quin Blanding

“Toughest place to play? I’m gonna go with Clemson.” -- Wake Forest tight end Cam Serigne

“It’s gotta be between Virginia Tech or Clemson. If you start playing bad in places like that, and the crowd gets into it, people start getting frustrated. I mean, I don’t, but some people do.” -- Boston College defensive end Harold Landry

“I’d say Clemson because of the noise.” -- Syracuse quarterback Eric Dungey

“I would say it’s a toss up between Clemson and Florida State. Those are very loud, very chaotic environments. “ -- Boston College offensive lineman Jon Baker

“Clemson for sure.” -- Florida State defensive back Derwin James

“Virginia Tech is crazy. We always have a great game against them also, but that place is crazy. It feels like everybody is just on top of you.” -- Duke defensive back Bryon Fields

“I’d say Florida State.” -- Miami running back Mark Walton

Which ACC team has the best uniforms?

Lamar Jackson

“I think Louisville might have the best. That red is something that pops.”-- Blanding

“Uniforms? I don’t look at those. Seriously, I don’t even look.”-- Baker

“I like Louisville’s. They’re new and modern.”-- Dungey

“I like N.C. State’s uniforms. They’re different. Actually, no I don’t.”-- Serigne

“I’m trying to think of whose uniforms I’d like to wear. In the ACC? It’s probably Louisville. Those are pretty hot. I like the all black.” -- Landry

“Syracuse has some nice ones. I like the all orange ones. Those are fire.”-- James

Which team has the coolest stadium?

Bobby Dodd Stadium
Jason Getz/USA TODAY Sports

“I’ll go with Doak Campbell. That’s pretty cool.”-- Serigine

“Miami and Clemson got cool stadiums. I like the Hard Rock. I mean, that’s the Hard Rock.” -- James

“I like Virginia Tech and Clemson’s setup. Clemson’s stadium actually looks better on TV. When it’s empty, it’s not very cool, but when you get in there and it’s full? It’s lit.”-- Landry

“I like UVA honestly. I thought that was one of the coolest places. I love the grass field and the surrounding area too.”-- Dungey

“Georgia Tech. it’s cool. It’s got all the tall buildings in the background.”-- Walton

Which coach would you play for if you weren't playing for your own?

Dabo Swinney

“I think it would be very interesting to play for Coach [Larry] Fedora at North Carolina. He’s a great coach. I’ve been on plenty of visits with him and seen his energy. It would be cool to see how I would play for him.”-- Blanding

“I’ve never even thought about that, so I can’t say.”-- Serigne

“Probably Coach [Jimbo] Fisher down at Florida State.”-- Dungey

“Probably Dabo [Swinney]. He seems like he cares about his guys. One of the reasons I chose BC is because they care so much about their players. Dabo seems like he’s the same way. He’ll back his players up no matter what happens“-- Landry

“I can’t say on that one. That’s like telling your girlfriend who you’d rather be dating. I’m gonna pass on that.”-- Syracuse linebacker Zaire Franklin

"I’d play for any coach in this league. I think as tough as this league is, you don’t last unless you’re good.”-- Baker

What is the craziest thing a fan has said to you on social media?

"It’s always [Virginia] Tech fans. You know, we don’t really get along with Tech or Tech fans. They always have the craziest things to say to me." -- Blanding

“Can I go back to high school? This one is a little different. It’s not something somebody said. It was, like, a Tuesday night high school basketball game. We’re playing in this basically empty gym. They have a student section of, like four people. There is one kid there just reading my tweets out to the crowd for the entire first half. I had the worst first half I have ever played, and this guy is just sitting there reading my high school tweets.” -- Fields

“As of late, it’s just been crazy stuff like, 'Yo man, if you ever need some jewelry or you ever need some clothes, just hot me up.' It’s stuff like that. It’s just random people hitting me up with that.”-- Landry

“We did a Q&A today. People could send in questions. There were some weird ones, like ‘who is your favorite freshman hall maid?’ Or, like, ‘Where is the craziest place you sleepwalked?’ It’s not like I’m a bad sleepwalker.”-- Serigne

“I get so many crazy things, I can’t even count. I don’t even pay attention anymore.”-- James

“I don’t have any fans talking crazy on social media. I just have them talking to me crazy during away games. …like, ‘you’re a dumbass.’ … at N.C. State.”-- Walton