Super JUCO taking trips

One of the most sought after players on the JUCO level is Doug Langenfield (6-3, 247, 4.43) from Reedley Junior College. Many of you are rolling your eyebrows about his 40-time but the coaches at Reedley insist that it is legit.
So do all the D-I colleges recruiting him.
Langenfield has already had one trip to Oregon on October 19th and he had a great time at the Eugene campus. His next trip will be to Tennessee this weekend November 29th.
Langenfield has a trip scheduled to Nebraska on December 13th but that visit will have to be canceled because Reedley will be hooking up with Fresno City College in a bowl game that weekend.
Langenfield has another scheduled to South Carolina on January 17th. His visit to South Carolina will be a homecoming he originally from South Carolina and he played his high school ball for Moncks Corner (S.C.) Berkeley.
The last trip that Langenfield will take will most likely be decided between Clemson, West Virginia, Texas A&M, and Washington.
Ohio State may take a shot at a late run for his services.
“Doug is a blur on the edge,” Reedley assistant coach Shane Beatty said. “He has good strength too.”
We get the blur. Langenfield had 28 quarterback knockdowns to with his nine sacks. He also registered 55 tackles for his sophomore year.
We also get the strength part too. Langenfield benched 225 pounds, 18 times. He squats 505 and cleans 285.
Tennessee really likes this kid and they like somebody they pull out the red carpet treatment. Add that to the fact that their will game this Saturday at Neyland enhances the trip.
This one should be watched closely.
Langenfield is a May grad with 3x2 eligibility.