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Sun Valley RB holds two offers

Monroe (N.C.) Sun Valley is home to one of the nation's top players in wide receiver Jody Fuller. The school features more talent including a second prospect with offers in 5-foot-8, 163-pound tailback JaDarrius Williams according to head coach Scott Stein.
"He's been conference MVP the last two years, his sophomore and junior year," Stein said of Williams. "The most important thing about JaDarrius I guess is that people underestimate him cause of his size. He runs very strong and very rarely do people have great shots on JaDarrius. He can go zero to 60 in two steps and that's the thing that makes him special, as his body moves everybody else moves at a slower pace. They can't register how to move to fit into his style.
"He's been timed at 4.5 in the 40, but that's running straight ahead. He's gone against the fastest kids in the state on the football field and maybe in straight line speed they are a step faster than him, but you put the ball in his hands and once he gets through the trash he is difficult to deal with."
Stein went a bit further.
"If you were to ask me who my best football player, raw football player is with instincts, it's JaDarrius," he said. "Jody is one of those type of kids that is once in a lifetime, but JaDarrius shocks the world and nobody expects that out of him at the end of the day. You look at his numbers and he's very deserving to be given the same accolades as Jody."
Off the field, Stein spoke highly of his talented tailback.
"JaDarrius lights up the room," he said. "I don't know how to explain it, but he's an extremely hard worker and he's the kind of kid that will go Division I and everyone says is undersized, but he'll outwork every one else. Educationally, he's got work to so and he knows that. He's working hard to take advantage of the offers that have come."
So far, those offers include scholarships from East Carolina and East Tennessee State.
"A lot of people are going to see his talents as he's been contacted by the Shrine Bowl," he said. "I think he's going to set a top five schools he wants to camp at this summer and go to those."
Williams isn't the only under the radar recruit according to Stein.
"We have a center Jarred Barr, 6-foot-3, 270-pounds, he's a late bloomer," he said. "He's one of those that hadn't played football until his freshman year. He was more of a baseball player, a pitcher and catcher, but has fallen in love with football. To be honest, he's the best center in the area, he's got good feet, snaps the ball well in the shotgun and under center, and he's a smart kid and does a great job of understanding schemes.
"His upside is as great as anyone I've had. He's a true center that is continuing to grow. His doctor says he's got a couple more inches and he is slender with a big wide frame, he's not fat. He's going to be a better collegiate player than high school player. Jarred is like a sponge, you teach it to him and he gets it."
Rounding out the group is his quarterback, 6-foot-0, 200-pound Ryan Smith.
"He's a two-time all-conference player," he said. "He hit the injury bug this past year and had a concussion. He's accurate, makes good decisions and is a leader. Arm strength is not an issue for him. He is a baseball player, a shortstop that is getting looks from Stanford and South Carolina for that, but he's a better football player."
To date, Smith and Barr are sleepers.
"Ryan is getting more interest than Jarred because he was all-conference," he said. "Clemson, East Carolina and South Carolina are the biggest schools interested in him. He's going to all of their one day camps.
"Jarred is delayed cause I'm just getting film out for him. Whoever gets him though is getting the largest diamond in the rough in the state of North Carolina I believe."