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Summers-Gavin misses weekend visit

San Francisco (Calif.) St. Ignatius offensive lineman Matt Summers-Gavin was supposed to be on an official visit to Cal this past weekend but an injury suffered in his game last Friday has caused the talented athlete to re-schedule the trip for later in the year.
Summers-Gavin, 6-4, 275 pounds is one of the most versatile and talented offensive lineman in the West region. He shows up very well on film and has all the physical tools along with a nice mean streak to be a major impact player at the college level.
Summers-Gavin visited Notre Dame back in September and was looking forward to his trip to Berkeley.
"Unfortunately, I injured my ankle really bad in our game last Friday and I couldn't even walk on Saturday," Summers-Gavin said. "I went to the doctors and they took some x-rays which showed there wsan't a fracture, but the doctor also said to stay off it for a week because if I did play, there was a chance I could fracture it.
"I actually hurt it early in the game but still played the rest of the game on it. I took some pain killers and combined with a lot of adrenaline, I was able to make it through and we won the game so that was great. There is no way I'm going to miss our game this week. If we win, it will be our first league championship in 40 years so no matter what the doctor says, I'm going to be on the field."
Summers-Gavin has narrowed his choices to Notre Dame, Oregon and Cal and said he'll be visiting Cal later in the year.
"I talked to Coach Michalczik and he said I should come up (Dec. 1) for the Stanford game so that's what I'm going to do. I was really disappointed to miss the visit, I feel like I let them down so I'm looking forward to taking the visit on a game weekend. Coach Michalczik even told me that weekend will be better because they play earlier in the day so I'll have more time to spend with the players and coaches after the game then I would have this past weekend.
"I want to visit Oregon as well but it may depend on how the trip to Cal goes. I really like Notre Dame and Cal a lot right now and there is a chance I could be ready to make a decision after I see Cal. If I'm still not sure, I'll visit Oregon but it's hard to say right now because were kind of speculating.
"Notre Dame was a great visit and had so many positives and not really any negatives. Indiana is a lot different than San Francisco, that was probably the only thing that would take some getting used to but it's a great school, football wise and academically so it's going to be a tough decision for me. Right now, my main focus is getting my ankle healthy and then No. 2 is winning league and doing well in the playoffs. Recruiting is third right now and I'm just going to play things out and see what happens."