Summer school keeps Davis busy

It's been a while since Monrovia, Calif., three-star and California top 100 running back James Davis was heard from.
But there's been a reason behind that. The talented 5-foot-8, 181-pounder has been busy taking summer school, and there's been a certain class that's been keeping him busy.
"I'm taking Spanish II to get ahead this fall and kind of be able to take it easy," Davis, who is ranked as the No. 77 player in California, said. "It sucks. I have to be honest. It's hard to spend the summer working on things like homework and tests, when you know all your friends are out having fun. It's one of the most difficult classes in our school since it's a year long. We've basically taken a year-long class and turned it into six weeks.

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"We do a chapter or two every day and then there is a test every other day."
While he's been passing the test off the field, he's been working hard on it to get even better. When he's not rolling his Rs, Davis has been focused on improving his lower-body strength.
"I have to be ready for the big teams," Davis said. "I want to be able to run between the tackles better. So to do that, I have to get stronger. I have to be ready to go at the teams like Verbum Dei. They have a lot of big guys that will force me to be tougher."
Davis said things on the recruiting front remain about the same. He's still focused on offers from Colorado, Colorado State and Washington State.
"It's still probably Colorado at the top," Davis said. "I was talking to Cha'pelle Brown about Colorado just the other day. He said it's really cool up there. He and I were talking about getting an apartment if I went to Colorado. He said that way I wouldn't have to live in the dorms like the other guys."