Sullivan ready for camps

Taylorsville (Miss.) three-star receiver Anfernee Sullivan (6-3, 185) help claim a state championship on the baseball field last week and now he is ready to hit the summer college camp circuit.
"In a little while me and my coach are going to sit down and talk about the camps because me and another player are going to be going to camps this summer," Sullivan said. "We're going to make a little schedule of all the camps we're going to be going to and things like that."
He does not have any definite plans right now, but he does have a few ideas about where he would like to camp.
"I think the main camp, Alabama came by the other day so we're going to go to that camp for sure," Sullivan said. "And Ole Miss and Mississippi State for sure."
Last summer he camped at both Tennessee and Florida State, and he has started to build relationships with coaches at Ole Miss and Mississippi State.
"I know coach Tony Hughes at Mississippi State. And coach Grant Heard, the receivers coach at Ole Miss, I talk to him a lot," Sullivan said. "The coach at Ole Miss, he's like 6-5 and during basketball season we talk about basketball, and just clown around about that. Around the holidays they check up on you and tell you Happy whatever day it is and about you and your family being safe and stuff."
He has already visited Ole Miss and Mississippi State for Junior Days and both left positive impressions on the Taylorsville standout.
"In the film room the receiver coach was talking about how being a receiver at Mississippi State you participate in special teams and things like that," Sullivan said of Mississippi State.
"The main two things, one of them we were touring the facilities and talking about food and they said whatever you want they'll cook it. I was like that's my thing right there," Sullivan said of Ole Miss. "When we talked to coach Grant Heard, the receivers coach, the main thing that stood out to me is he said the main thing about being a receiver is being a playmaker."
Sullivan is waiting for his first offer, but several schools have let him know they like what they see. In addition to Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Alabama, Sullivan is also hearing from Louisiana-Lafayette and ULM.
At this time, he is taking his time with the recruiting process, but he does admit he grew up a fan of a certain Big 12 program.
"Probably like all the way up through my 10th grade I watch West Virginia," Sullivan said. "I know that's odd because I'm down here, but I started liking them when they had Geno Smith and Tavon Austin and I go all the way back to Pat White. I watch football all the time."
In addition to being a standout performer in football and helping Taylorsville to a state championship in baseball, Sullivan also plays basketball and he hopes to run track as well as a senior.