Sullivan Dominating Opponents

Greenwich, Conn. offensive lineman John Sullivan had 22 pancake blocks in his first regular season game of his season. Has anything changed off the field for the No. 3 center in the country?
"Not much has really changed," said the 6-foot-4, 270-pounder. "I still have my same five teams with three on top. Notre Dame, Boston College and Michigan are my leaders and Miami and North Carolina are behind them."
Sullivan has offers from more than 30 different schools, but is very set on his final five.
"I don't want to go changing things around," he said. "I like these five for a reason. I won't take any visits for a little while now. I'm just concentrating on my season and watching the games."
And what does he think so far?
"Michigan hasn't looked good at all, BC has been okay and Notre Dame has looked really good," he said. "Miami is awesome of course and North Carolina is up and down. I'm following them all as much as I can."