Sturdivant raves about Florida official

Heading into his official this past weekend, Oakboro (N.C.) West Stanly athlete Quantavius Sturdivant was favoring North Carolina. The 6-foot-2, 224-pounder made a trip to Gainesville to visit the Florida. Did the Gators improve their standing for the Carolina prospect?
"It was a nice visit," he said. "I got there Saturday morning around 11 or so and basically met with the coaches, watched the game and hung out with my host Brandon Spikes. I talked to Brandon a bit and he said he loved it down there as did other players I talked with including Carl Johnson and Jamar Hornsby.
"Brandon mentioned that they really like to win, but they work hard too. On the visit, I was able to talk with coach Holliday and Urban Meyer. Coach Holliday asked me how I'm doing and how I liked the trip while coach Meyer sat down with me on Sunday and asked how I liked the visit. I liked talking to him; he's a very cool dude."
Of course, the game was a big part of the visit for the No. 53 athlete in the country.
"It was a good game between Florida and Alabama," he said. "The fans were crazy and the atmosphere is very nice. It doesn't get any better than that.
"I thought the defense for Florida played really well. I watched the linebackers a lot too and I like the schemes they run. They blitzed a lot and that's good to see."
Sturdivant raved about his visit.
"I'd rate it a 13," he said. "Actually it's a 10 because I had a real good time. I'd say it's pretty even right now between Florida and North Carolina. I'm probably going to take an official to North Carolina in the next few weeks and that'll be it. Then I'll decide shortly after to whichever school I feel the most comfortable at."