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Stud VA tackle starts to receive offers

Junior offensive tackle Vincent Painter has added two written offers since the beginning of September. Who is already jumping in on the 6-foot-5, 305-pounder from Norfolk (Va.) Maury?
"So far this year I've gotten scholarships from Virginia and Clemson, I also have a verbal from Virginia Tech," he said. "It's pretty cool to get the offers. I'm glad they are interested, but I haven't made up my mind yet. I know by talking to my mom and dad, they want me to wait through it to make my decision."
Meanwhile, plenty of other schools are still in touch with Painter.
"I'm getting letters every week from other schools," he said. "Virginia Tech, East Carolina, North Carolina, Florida State and more want me to come for home games this year. I think I'm going to try to make it to some this year across the East Coast."
The 2008 lineman has helped Maury to a 5-1 start.
"We've gotten a lot better than last year and we just need to continue to work on our running game a bit more," he said. "I know I've got about 20 pancakes and I can tell I'm getting better.
"I know my technique is a lot better and I'm getting faster and stronger. I have really learned a lot more about the game and I'm picking up the speed and making better decisions during plays."