Struble grabs first offer

Oklahoma City Heritage Hall has quite a bit of talent on its hands. Rivals250 prospects Barry Sanders and Sterling Shepard receive the most attention but they are not the only Division I players on the team.
Defensive end Quintaz Struble has been receiving his fair amount of attention as well. Recently the 6-foot-2, 235-pound junior picked up his first offer from a Pac-12 program.
"I received an offer," Struble said. "It was from the University of Arizona. They offered me last week - it was either Wednesday or Thursday.

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"It came somewhat as a surprise to me. They've just been sending me letters. They were sort of just letters of interest just letting me know their statistics and that kind of stuff. Then their coach called up to my school and they gave me an offer."
Struble says some other schools are showing him interest as well.
"I'm actually not sure," he said of the possibility of more offers coming soon. "I've been talking to Tulsa quite a bit. I've also talked to Wake Forest a little bit too. I have to call them a little more and see what's going on."
With spring campus visits becoming increasingly popular, Struble is going to go the more traditional route and wait until the fall.
"I've never been to Arizona," he said, "but I'm planning to go out there sometime after Sep. 1. I'm going to go there on one of my official visits."
Struble has not narrowed his focus to a set of schools but does admit to preferring to staying closer to home. However, he is willing to make exceptions.
"I've always liked O State," he said. "I like the in-state schools like them and Tulsa. I sort of want to stay in state but, at the same time, I really like Arizona. I like the way they do things out there so those schools would probably be in my top group."