Striker at five offers, awaits one

Seffner (Fla.) Armwood is the home to numerous prospects in the 2012 class, and one of the best is likely 6-foot-1, 190-pound defensive athlete Eric Striker. Striker recently saw his offer list grow to five as a trio of schools joined Tennessee and South Florida in extending a verbal offer.
"I have added offers from West Virginia, Iowa, and Indiana," Striker said.
The Central Florida prospect believes that many more offers will come for him as his film gets out.

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"I think that as soon as schools see my film, they think I go hard on every play," Striker said. "I like the schools that as soon as they see my film, they immediately decide to offer. It tells me that they like fast guys that can go out there and just play."
At this point, one of the five schools that have offered is showing the most regular interest and telling Striker something a bit different than everyone else.
"USF is the school I talk with the most. They send me a lot of letters," Striker said. "USF has told me that I am going to be a blitzing guy that can make plays."
Striker, who previously visited the University of Florida, hasn't taken any recent trips but is supposed to accompany a teammate on numerous trips in the coming months.
"I plan on taking a tour with (offensive lineman) Cody Waldrop to see a bunch of schools," Striker said.
At this juncture, Striker doesn't claim a top school but said that he is waiting on one offer from a national powerhouse.
"I don't have a leader at this point," Striker said. "I am waiting on one. It is Oklahoma. First, I want to play outside Florida. I want to pick a high-level football team outside Florida. I have been watching them for a few years and I love the way they play. I feel like they go fast, they go hard, and they kind of have the 3-4 going and the 4-3, they run both of them."
Striker believes he will begin his college career as an outside linebacker or safety.