Stonum has a top five

The Houston area is fully loaded in 2007. On offense the best receiver may be Sugar Land (Texas) Fort Bend Dulles' Darryl Stonum.
Stonum, the 6-foot-2, 180-pounder, set himself apart as a junior with over 1,000 yards receiving in the school's high-powered offense. The high-flying receiver has cut his list to five, which includes Michigan, Florida, Alabama, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State.
"I haven't been anywhere yet because of our track season," Stonum said. "I want to commit before the season starts, but I need to see some schools before I do."
While he has no particular favorite, Stonum likes different things about each school.
"Everyone tells me I can play early and I really don't want to redshirt," Stonum said. "I've got some of my teammates going to Michigan and I really like their new quarterback Ryan Mallett. I like Florida's coaching staff, they are really cool. I get some funny text messages from coach (Urban) Meyer.
"Alabama's coach (Nick) Saban has NFL contacts, which is attractive, and Texas Tech throws the ball around a lot. Oklahoma State was my first offer and I really like Coach (Joe) DeForest and Coach (Gunter) Brewer."
Stonum will have an adjustment to make next season having lost his partner-in-crime Cotton Turner, who ran the Viking offense for two seasons.
"We've got a new quarterback in Tucker Morrow," he said. "He's like 6-5, but our only problem is that we've got to get our timing down. We'll get it together."