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Stock Report: Five Rivals100 players who are most NFL-ready

Justin Flowe
Justin Flowe (Nick Lucero/

The Rivals100 Five-Star Challenge presented by adidas, The Opening and many other summer events are now in the books as players focus on the fall. Here is a look at five players who are the most NFL-ready as we turn to the next round of rankings, although many others fit this bill as well.

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Recruiting: Flowe is seriously considering Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, USC and others and should take some visits through the fall.

Overview: Flowe is currently ranked as the second-best prospect in the 2020 class as an outside linebacker, but in the next rankings he will move to inside linebacker, where he will probably play in college. The five-star is very muscular but still so fluid. He covers so well and there is absolutely no question about his physical ability, because he hits like a truck. It’s almost comical watching him in camps and 7-on-7 because he painfully has to hold himself back from laying people out. Flowe recently squatted 585 pounds at his school and it didn’t seem like much of a problem.

Farrell’s take: If someone told you Flowe was an NFL rookie, you wouldn’t question it, the way he is built and how big and developed he is at this stage. He’s one of the most physically developed and mature linebackers I’ve scouted and it’s scary to think how big he’ll be in a few years.


Bryan Bresee
Bryan Bresee (Corey Gibson/

Recruiting: Bresee has been committed to Clemson since late April.

Overview: The five-star prospect who’s ranked fourth nationally and tops at defensive tackle has proven he can play all across the defensive line and that he could be one of the next big-time stars at Clemson. He has the speed to get to the edge when playing defensive end and definitely has the power up the middle. Bresee can be a massive end or a gap-shooting, speedy and tough defensive tackle at the next level. There’s no doubt he could easily play around 300 pounds and still routinely get in the backfield to cause problems. He was impressive during one-on-ones and in the bench press competition at the Five-Star Challenge.

Farrell’s take: Bresee is a huge kid for his age, but his athleticism is really what stands out. I could see him playing at 320 pounds without losing a step. Or he could slim down to 275 and be a huge rush end. This kid has the look of an NFL player already.



Noah Sewell
Noah Sewell (Nick Lucero/

Recruiting: Oregon is a leading contender since Sewell’s brother plays there, but don’t count out numerous SEC teams, including Alabama, LSU, Georgia and Tennessee.

Overview: The only question when it comes to Sewell is just how big will he get. He’s already a tremendous physical specimen playing linebacker at around 260 pounds and he moves so incredibly well. He was arguably the top linebacker at the Five-Star Challenge throughout the entire event. He is super-athletic for his size, he covers ground and the high four-star has a tremendous love and passion for the game, so getting him motivated won’t be a problem at all.

Farrell’s take: How many 260-pound linebackers are there in the NFL? A few here and there. How many are there in college? Fewer. And in high school? One, or at least one with Sewell’s ability and athleticism. He could be 300 pounds if he wanted to be and be an elite defensive tackle, but right now he looks like an NFL linebacker.


Arik GIlbert
Arik GIlbert (Nick Lucero/

Recruiting: Georgia is considered the front-runner, but Tennessee and Alabama are also right in the mix.

Overview: The five-star and top-rated tight end in the 2020 class was dominating early at the Five-Star Challenge before pulling up with a minor ankle injury and sitting out the rest of the event. He has terrific size and he’s physical, but what stands out even more is his playmaking ability and athleticism for someone so big. Gilbert is comfortable in his body, he can stretch the field and he catches everything. Whichever program lands the five-star is getting a tremendous talent. He’s so athletic that playing him at outside receiver is not outside the realm of possibility.

Farrell’s take: Gilbert is a big tight end with great athleticism and his agility is off the charts for a kid his size. He looks like an NFL tight end already and runs like a wide receiver. Oh yeah, he could also play defensive end at the next level and beyond and fit in on any roster.


Darnell Washington
Darnell Washington (Nick Lucero/

Recruiting: Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn, Miami and others remain involved in Washington’s recruitment.

Overview: One look at Washington and it’s clear he has special potential and could make college and NFL coaches look really smart in the coming years. He’s a legitimate 6-foot-7 and 255 pounds, so he’s an automatic red-zone threat and he can also run routes. He doesn’t lumber down the field and he has also shown off excellent hands in the passing game. For someone his size, it’s impressive to see how well he moves and he has such a huge catch radius that quarterbacks usually just throw it up high and let the five-star go get it.

Farrell’s take: Think LeBron James and his current size as a high school tight end and you have Washington. If that’s not NFL-ready I don’t know what is. And he tests off the charts.