Still Cavs, Pack for Andre Brown

Greenville (N.C.) Rose running back Andre Brown (6-foot-1, 210 pounds, 4.4) was down to Virginia and North Carolina State going into the weekend. Brown, a four-star prospect, visited the Wolfpack this weekend. Does he have a leader now?
"I still don't have a leader. I had a good time on my trip to NC State, but it was not enough to name a leader. Virginia and North Carolina State are my final two choices."
Brown said that he will take this week to make his deicision and will anounce it on Countdown to Signing Day on Fox Sports South on Jan. 21. Does either team have an advantage for Brown?
"I went into the weekend looking for something that would seperate the two schools and I didn't find it. The two schools are just too similar, State has nicer facilties though but that will not be a deciding factor. My family is split at this point too.
"My folks down in North Carolina favor the 'Pack and my mom, who lives in Baltimore favors Virginia. It is going to be a tough decision and my mom will play a large part in my decision."
Virginia and North Carolina State will both be busy on Brown this week. Virginia coach Al Groh will meet with Brown on Monday night and NC State head man Chuck Amato will meet with Brown's mother on Wednesday evening.