Still an Aggie and Horn battle for LB

Hallsville, Texas, three-star outside linebacker Roddrick Muckelroy has been the center of an intense recruiting battle between Texas and Texas A&M for quite some time now. And the battle intensified on September 1 when college coaches could call for the first time since May.
“Texas A&M was the first to call early that morning,” Muckelroy, the nation’s No. 25 outside linebacker, said. “I didn’t think they were going to call. It was like 6:50 in the morning. It woke me up.”
Not to be outdone, Texas called shortly after that.

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“They called that same day,” Muckelroy said. “It was at 7:24 a.m. I really enjoyed talking to both coaches and both schools. It’s not too often that you have a choice between the two best schools in Texas.”
Oh Muckelroy has other options. He has scholarship offers from LSU, Oklahoma State, Kansas State and is getting interest from Arkansas and now Oklahoma. However, he has his sites set on the Aggies and Horns.
“Oklahoma called me and told me they are going to start recruiting me,” Muckelroy said. “They weren’t paying any attention to me, and then all of a sudden they call and say they want me. I’m not really interested in them. They just pop in all of a sudden and call.
“It’s always been Texas and A&M, and I’ll probably also visit Arkansas, but that’s about it. I’m going to stay really close to home and play where my family can see me.”
Muckelroy helped his team go 2-0 last week with a big 36-6 victory over Atlanta, one of the top programs in East Texas.
“They took me off the field just when I was getting in my groove,” Muckelroy said “By the time I got into the game, they took me out. I still had nine tackles, two tackles for a loss and a fumble recovery.”