Sticking together key for Anderson

Lakewood, Calif., receiver Kevin Anderson is a part of what is expected to be one of the top offensive teams in California next season. The 5-foot-10, 170-pound receiver is joined by quarterback Jesse Scroggins and running back Jerry Stone on an offense that is sure to light up the scoreboard.
Then when you team him with Dion Bailey on defense, it looks like Lakewood has the goods to be one of the best teams around.
"Off-season is going good for all of us," Anderson said. "The main thing I am working on right now is turning a hitch or slant route into more yards. Just not running by people, which I have done in the past."

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Anderson said his teammates have also been working really hard, and it's that type of bond that will make it tough for him to break when he gets to the next level. It's also that type of bond that makes it very clear all of them would like to attend the same school together.
"It's just something that we want to do," Anderson said. "We know what we can do on the field as teammates. We are really comfortable with each other so it's definitely important and something we would love to do."
One school that appears on all of the players' list is Washington. After a recent unofficial visit to UDub, the Huskies have made a very big impression on Anderson and the rest of the group.
"They treated us well," Anderson said. "The team was really cool, and we got to see a scrimmage while we were up there. It was pretty cool to see the fans as well. Even for a scrimmage they were out there. The practices were really smooth and all of the coaches were cool."
"(Washington coaches) have said if they have enough room they would love for all of us to come there. They'd love to have us. I've talked to coach (Johnny) Nansen, (Jimmie) Daugherty, and the head coach, Steve Sarkisian. We talk every once in awhile. I last talked them right after we got back from Seattle."
While Washington definitely is a school under strong consideration, it's not the only one.
"I am pretty busy this summer," Anderson said. "We just went to the USC NIKE camp last week, so and we'll be going to UCLA, like we did last year, and then we're going up as a team to a passing league up at Oregon, so we'll be going to that as a team for Lakewood.
"I don't have a particular list of schools in order, but the schools I like are Washington, Arizona State, Oregon, Cal, and SMU can be put in there as well."
Anderson has a few things that will be important in finding the right school.
"I'm looking for a team that passes the ball a lot," he said. "No politics on the team. I don't like that. It also has to have a good fan base, and also I want to see how their offense flows. Coaching staff is important. You have to have a good coaching staff."