Stewart breaks down top four

There are plenty of players in the country who's stock is on the rise. One of them is Marvin Stewart. The cornerback out of Arlington (Va.) Yorktown has narrowed the list of schools he is considering and could be deciding soon.
"I've been seeing a lot of players committing," said the 6-foot, 184-pound Stewart. "There are some players that know exactly where they want to go because they liked them since they were little but there are only so many spots at each school out there so that put a little pressure on me. I just felt it was right to make cuts now because these four schools want me the most and have the most to offer in terms of education and football. There was no point in delaying the process. I'm going to try to sit down with my father and talk it out but I think I will be deciding sooner rather than later."
In no order, Stewart's top four schools are Michigan State, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and North Carolina. He broke down why each school is still in contention.

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Michigan State - "Michigan State is a top ten defense in the nation every year." He said. "I like the defensive coach. I did some research on him and he played in the league so he knows what it takes and he can help me develop my skills. They're really honest with me."
Virginia Tech - "Every year, expect for last year, Virginia Tech does really well," Stewart said. "Before this past year they always ten-win seasons so they know how to win and get to bowl games. That's what any recruit would want, to get to that bowl game and play in front of that crowd. I trust enough in my skillset that, no matter what team I go to, I'll be able to compete for a spot. I always feel like I have something to prove."
West Virginia - "You only get better by competing against great competition and West Virginia always has great wide receivers," he said. "For a defensive back I think practices are harder than the actual game. The Mountaineers came on all of a sudden. I didn't know that they offered me for two months. I visited and I liked the staff. They're really laid back. Coach Mitchell is a good man. He played in the league too so I feel like he could develop my skills. Before I went out there I didn't think West Virginia was all that it was but when I got there it was totally different than what I thought it would be."
North Carolina - "I do know (recent Tar Heel commit) Jeremiah Clarke but him going there is not going to influence my decision," said Stewart. "North Carolina was always one of the schools that has been recruiting me the hardest. A lot of schools were trying to recruit me but I could tell North Carolina was really interested in me from the start. I wouldn't say they have an edge but they're the school that sticks in mind when I think about college."
Two schools were very close to making Stewart's cut.
"Virginia and Nebraska were close to making this list," he said. "I talked to a player from Nebraska and he said there's really nothing to do out there after the football season. I like Virginia's program but they have a lot of young cornerbacks returning from last year and they are still bringing in more. I'm not going to say that I'm completely shutting down all the other school but most of my focus is going to be on these four schools."
Stewart is not sure if or where he will visit next.