Stevens raves about time in Eugene

Hemet (Calif.) offensive lineman Hamani Stevens took his fourth official visit to Oregon this past weekend after already checking out Colorado, Arizona State and Michigan State. The lineman loved his time in Eugene calling it his best visit so far.
Stevens, 6-3, 280 pounds is the top center prospect in the West and one of the best in the nation as well. He's a talented defensive lineman as well but is being recruited soley on the offensive side of the ball.
This past weekend, Stevens checked out Oregon in what was his second visit to Eugene.
"I had a great time and can definitely see myself playing for Oregon next year," Stevens said. "This was my second time visiting the campus as I went to the NIKE Camp at Oregon in the summer but I got to see a lot more of the school this time around.
"The facilities are incredible but the best part of the visit was just hanging out with the players. I really bonded with the guys and it seems like a big family there. I've never experienced anything like that before. I was only there for two days but I already feel like I'm a part of the team right now.
"Everyone is just so together and gets along so well. I just really felt at home there and I haven't had that feeling at any other place. I got along great with the coaches as well. Coach Gray is the coach recruiting me and I had a real good talk with Coach Belotti before I left today.
"He didn't try and pressure me about committing or anything, he just talked to me about how well I would fit in there and how much they want me to be a part of the program. It was funny, while I was talking to him, I looked over and saw an Oregon jersey with my numer on it. It didn't have my name or anything but I could tell that would be my jersey if I went there and it was pretty cool seeing it.
"The game was unreal as well. Of all my trips, this game had the best game day atmosphere and even though they lost in overtime, it still felt like they won because it was such an exciting game and so fun to be there. I've never heard a crowd that loud before, it was just wild being a part of all that."
Stevens was an early commitment to UCLA but said the Ducks are now his current leader.
"Yeah, I would put Oregon on top," Stevens said. "I really like ASU a lot too but Oregon is on top. It was always UCLA for me and then Oregon right behind them but right now, I don't know what's going on at UCLA with the coaching situation.
"I still talk to the coaches there once a week, either coach Connelly, coach Dorrell or coach McClure call. I talked to coach Connelly a week ago and he told me that they should know what is going on with coach Dorrell sometime this week.
"If coach Dorrell is let go and the staff is let go, it would be tough to still look at them the same. Those are the guys that I know really well and it would be hard to get to know a whole new staff but I'm sure I'll still talk to them.
"For now, I have home visits this week with ASU and Oregon and I still have my visit to BYU set for January. After that visit, I'll go ahead and make my commitment."