Stevens one of Texas top TEs for 2012

Friendswood, Texas is one of the top teams in the Lone Star State. The Mustangs are undefeated with an 8-0 record and the Houston-area school has high hopes for a deep playoff run. One of the big reasons for the success is two-way standout Trevor Stevens.
The 6-foot-4, 235-pound junior is one of the top tight end prospects in the state of Texas for the class of 2012 and he has recently taken in games at two in-state schools. In addition, he is in contact with several other programs.
"I actually recently went to Texas A&M," Stevens said. "They had invited me to go for a game. I also went to SMU the weekend before that for a game. I'm also hearing from Texas Tech, OU, LSU and a little from Arizona.

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"I'm going to OU to watch a game and go through all the recruiting stuff the weekend of (Oct.) 29. It's the day they play Colorado."
As far as the two schools he has seen this far, Stevens says one campus stood out.
"I liked both of the games," he said. "I liked A&M a little more because of the environment. I liked the campus at SMU, though. With the environment of the game, A&M kind of fit me more."
Though he is a top tight end prospect, Stevens could also play defense in college.
"I think everyone is looking at me as a tight end except for maybe SMU," he said. "They're probably looking at me to play either a defensive line position or a linebacker. I think I was to play defense in college, I'd probably want to play linebacker. Other than that, I'd prefer to play tight end. I'm starting both ways right now. I'm playing kind of a defensive end spot on defense."
The big junior says he keeps in contact with coaches at two Big 12 schools.
"I talk to the A&M coach, coach (Nick) Toth," Stevens said. "I've also traded some emails with coach (Chad) Scott from Texas Tech. They both are just keeping an eye on me and they're interested in getting a lot more film and stuff on me. They want to see how I play over the next two years."
Stevens only has five receptions for 74 yards and a touchdown this year. However, he is definitely an all-around tight end prospect.
"Actually, our offense isn't designed for too many tight end pass plays," he said. "I maybe run one pass play a game. I do a lot of blocking. I don't mind it but I know I can catch, too."
Though it is still early in the recruiting process, Stevens admits that a quartet of schools stand out above the rest at the moment.
"There are four schools that I like best right now," he said. "I like A&M, LSU, OU and Texas Tech. I like the academic programs at Texas A&M. OU, they're a pretty god school. LSU would be convenient for some of my extended family from the area and I've grown up as an LSU fan. Texas Tech would be good because they have a passing style offense and I was talking to the coach and he said they want to incorporate more of a tight end."