Stephens affirms his pledge

Back in November, four-star defensive tackle Terrence Stephens took a visit to Nebraska. The Stanford commitment reaffirmed his pledge following the trip and did so even more this past weekend after visiting California yet again.
"I never really was a soft commitment," he said. "It was a great experience this past weekend with 30 some commits. I had a great weekend and it basically made me think about why I was doing this and reassured myself. Stanford is the perfect place for me. I can be surrounded by high character athletes and students.
"I talked to everybody there, even some of the uncommitted guys. It was surprising, you've never seen each other interact the way we did. It was more like a family reunion, we all knew each other and were excited to see each other. We've gotten over that hump early, the relationships are built and now can look forward to winning games."

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Stephens spent time with the coaches as well.
"I have talked to them often and it was great to see them," he said. "All of them have strong backgrounds and it was great to see they were as excited as we were. We had all planned this for months and it went smoothly."
Last month the No. 8 prospect in Maryland participated in the Crab Bowl.
"That was crazy the amount of talent in Maryland," he said. "Maryland itself doesn't get a lot of respect, but to see so many great athletes and students in one place, it was crazy. I got to compete with the highest ranked guys in the nation."
Following that game, is there anything Stephens wants to work on?
"I just plan on being the strongest freshman in Stanford's class," he said. "I want to get my technique down and make sure everything is crisp and then go in with an open mind. I want to become a better athlete and I know the coaches there know what they are talking about and will enhance my performance."