Staver focusing on two schools

Brentwood (Tenn.) Brentwood Academy quarterback Max Staver could be closing in on a decision. The three-star quarterback is focused on two schools and believes a decision could be coming within weeks.
"I just got back in town from being on the road for awhile," he said.
"I went to Memphis on Tuesday and got an offer there, I went to Mississippi State the next day just for camp and they were happy with how I did and then I went to Florida over the weekend."

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Staver attended the Florida camp with the hopes of grabbing an offer from the Gators.
"The staff at Florida really loved me," said Staver. "They said I'm their No. 1 quarterback right now and said they have a week of evaluations and that they'll offer after this week if they are going to. The timeline is probably by next week or weekend, about seven days. Then, they'd give me a week to decide to commit or not. I like Coach Pease and Muschamp, they are good guys."
Would an offer from the Gators change everything for Staver?
"Right now I can say it's between Mississippi State, my only big, big- time SEC offer and they are really high up there for me, and Florida,"
he said. "But, I can't give anything away. I've got to look at things, talk to my parents and I love both campuses. Both are great schools and good teams in the SEC. It's a tough decision. At the moment, I couldn't say where I'd go."
Staver discussed the two primary contenders.
"Both schools are appealing, both programs are rising up," he said.
"Mississippi State is putting millions of dollars into additions and both are favorable for a 2013 quarterback. Both are only taking one quarterback this year and I like both coaching staffs. Coach Muschamp and Coach Mullen understand it all. They are down-to-earth and those factors are all put into it."
While Mississippi State and Florida definitely lead for Staver, there are a couple of other programs still in the picture.
"I might go to Duke soon and possibly NC State if I am over there," he said. "I know a couple of my teammates are planning to go to Duke and I may join a caravan, but that's a long shot. Coach Cutcliffe said I am one of their top quarterbacks and he'd like to get me down there, but I don't know if I can."
If Florida does pull the trigger with an offer, Staver will likely have to make a quick decision.
"I think so," he said. "It'll probably be two weeks, that's kind of my timeline. It all depends and we'll see what happens here."