Status quo for Colorado RB

Denver (Colo.) Mullen running back Maurice Greer continues to be in a holding pattern when it comes to recruiting.
“Nothing new is happening,” the 5-foot-11, 185-pound Greer said. “It’s still the same schools with offers for me. Kansas State, Colorado and Arizona State are the only ones so far.”
Greer continues to receive a lot of interest from several other schools.
“I am still getting a lot of mail from schools that haven’t offered. Places like Arkansas, Missouri, UCLA and Oregon are other schools I am considering.”
Greer continues to take his time in the recruiting process, not wanting to rush something and miss out on a school.
“I am not going to hurry and make a choice just to be making one. I want to take my time and choose a school and be sure it is the right place for me to spend my four years of college.”
Greer continues to list two Big 12 North schools as his favorites.
“I would say that Kansas State and Colorado are at the top of my list still. They’ve offered and I like a lot about those two schools.”