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Staten enjoys trip to Purdue

Three-star wide receiver Khalif Staten took an official over the weekend to Purdue. What did the 6-foot-3, 219-pounder out of Brooklyn (N.Y.) Lincoln think of his trip?
"I loved it, it was a great visit and I'm glad I went this weekend, it was beautiful," he said. "I got there on Friday afternoon around 2:30 and met up with the coaches. I went to a team meeting and then practice. The practice was a light walkthrough and it was nice. They were having fun and everyone was cool with everyone else on the field. The linemen, receivers and quarterbacks were all hanging out together.
"At night, they had some more meetings and that was basically it."
Staten had a busy day on Saturday as well.
"I got up around 7:30, had breakfast and then I took a tour of the facilities, spoke to some professors about what I'd be majoring in and classes," he said. "After that, we went down to the field and watched the game.
"The game was good all the way until the fourth quarter. They lost a tough one, but I liked what I saw. The offense gets the ball to you and the crowd was crazy. People were there two hours before the game."
Following the game, Staten met up with his host, Joe Whitest.
"It was fun with him, he's just like me a city boy from Miami," he said. "He came out here to play football and is their No. 1 receiver. I got to hang out with all the guys and they were real cool. It's like a brotherhood, everyone there is for each other."
On Sunday, the No. 80 wide receiver in the nation met with the coaches.
"I talked with the receiver coach and Joe Tiller and others," he said. "They explained spots I'd be at and routes I'd run, the base offense and formations if I were to come there. It looks like I'd get a chance for some playing time possibly as a freshman since they are losing three or four seniors and three more are leaving next year. I liked that."
Staten enjoyed the visit, but what's next?
"I loved it, they are like family there and I like the vibe and connection I had with the players in the locker room. It's like being back in high school," he said. "They have always been on top of me in recruiting since I have the offer. I'd say there's a 95% chance I'll commit, but I'm not committed yet.
"I'm staying low trying to get my qualifying papers and my SAT which I take on December 1st. I think I should have a decision made by Christmas break. I do still like Boston College a lot and Rutgers. Miami is calling me too. I have no other visits scheduled at this time though."