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Star QB to be a Vol

Those things have a tendency to weigh heavily on the minds of high school prospects searching for the college right for them. One of the nation's top quarterbacks, Jonathan Crompton, of neighboring North Carolina, has been considering Tennessee for a long time.
"I really love Tennessee," said Crompton. "If I had to decide today, I would be a Vol. Things can still happen I guess, but I might not wait too much longer. I don't want to drag it out and have doubts or anything, because I think my first instinct is right in this case. I've loved Tennessee for a long time, and I like them even more now as time goes on."
The 6-foot-3, 205-pound quarterback from Waynesville (N.C.) Tuscola is widely believed to be one of the top five quarterbacks in the entire nation, and has a very impressive offer list. Schools like Tennessee, NC State, Virginia, Clemson, LSU and Southern Cal have already extended scholarships.
"Tennessee is definitely my favorite, and that's pretty much all I know right now," he said. "Some others I like are Clemson, Southern Cal, North Carolina, Virginia and LSU. I can't really put those in any order, because right now I'm really just focused on Tennessee and making sure I'd be a good fit there. Somebody would have to really, really impress me to move in front of Tennessee, and that's going to be hard to do. But it could happen. I'm not going to rule that out."
As a junior Crompton passed for more than 1,700 yards, and is poised to garner all-state honors as a senior.