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Star Ohio junior says Florida his favorite

Certainly a good case can be made that in terms of college football prospects, the fine Cleveland (Ohio) Glenville program is the No. 1 place for college football recruiters to look in the Buckeye state.
And the No. 1 guy in the Glenville class of 2007 looks to be linebacker Jermale Hinds. Plenty of college coaches are certainly well aware of Hinds.
The 6-foot-2 and 200-pound junior lived in Cleveland till he was 12. He then moved to Georgia and was a varsity starter as a freshman for Berrien County. After an outstanding sophomore season Hinds' mother decided she and her son would move back to Ohio and Jermale landed at Glenville where he has helped the Tarblooders win their first eight games this season.
Hinds was in Columbus over the weekend.
"I went to the Ohio State-Michigan State game," Hinds said. "It was good. There was a big crowd. It was exciting. I talked to Jim Tressel and the offensive line and linebackers coach.
"I've been to three Ohio State games. I saw them play Texas and San Diego State too.
"I was supposed to go to a Michigan game, but I didn't go."
When asked what schools he is interested in, Hinds said, "Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Michigan, Florida, Michigan State. That's about it.
Jermale Hinds VideoClick "Florida is probably my favorite. I've just always liked them." Here to view this Link.