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Stanford offers junior safety

Tallahassee (Fla.) Florida High junior safety Austin Logan was delivered some surprising and pleasing news on Tuesday.
"Stanford has offered me," Logan said. "I was in chemistry class checking my grades to make sure I had an A. My coach called my cell phone and told me to come to my office to talk to my position coach in the office. They told me in the office that two weeks ago Stanford assistant coach Mike Bloomgren called him and told him that I had an official offer from Stanford to play football."
Logan said that his coach kept it quiet for the past couple weeks so the junior defensive back could focus on the ongoing season. He is glad to know now.
"When he told me I was excited because Stanford is a really good school and they have a really good football program too," Logan said. "I was kind of overwhelmed with the opportunity that I received.
"It was a shocker to me," Logan added. "The last school that I thought would offer me was Stanford because they are so far away and they had only sent me one letter throughout the whole recruiting process so far, and it was just an introduction letter."
His offer from Stanford is the 6-foot-1, 185-pound defensive backs second, joining Georgia State.
He is also drawing interest from Alabama, Duke, Miami, Notre Dame, Purdue, South Florida, and Vanderbilt.
"All of those schools have invited me for all of their home games," Logan said. "Especially Duke, they have been on me a lot, they send me mail nearly every day. They recently asked me to attend the FSU-Duke game but we weren't able to make that trip.
"Notre Dame came by and checked on me last week," Logan said. "I got to talk to Coach (Tim) Hinton and he said they are really excited about me. He said I would hear back from them real soon. My coach has given them my highlight reel and he said he saw a little bit of it when he was at the office and that he liked what he saw."
So far, Logan has been able to travel to Florida for their game against Alabama-Birmingham and South Florida when they hosted Florida A&M. He talked about those experiences.
"The fans are what stood out to me at Florida," Logan said. "Just the whole atmosphere of the game stood out. They are just very professional with how they treat all of their players and their recruits. It felt like they were welcoming me into their home. They were very welcoming to me and my parents. I liked it.
"USF was the same as Florida, very hospitable. The fans were really good too. Seeing them play in a professional football stadium, it kind of makes you look towards the future more. I appreciate that because watching them play on that field I could imagine myself playing there and in the future, in the NFL. I could see myself doing that."
This weekend, Logan will travel to Georgia State for a visit. He has been invited to Alabama's game against Tennessee but is hoping to instead attend the LSU game at Alabama. He is hoping to return to South Florida for their game against Miami. In addition, he also plans to watch the regular season finale at Miami when the Hurricanes host Boston College.