Stanford commit to Harvard

When four-star tight end Blake Barker committed to Stanford in June he believed he had found the best fit. Upon further review, he has changed his mind.
The talented prospect from Massachusetts has de-committed from Stanford and is now heading to the Ivy League. Some might consider that a shocker. It doesn't happen every day, but Barker has his reasons.
"In the first part of the recruiting process I was trying to find the best balance between football and academics," he explained. "I was 100-percent committed to Stanford and thought that was the right choice. Then things slowed down a little bit and school started. I realized I didn't want to be that far from home, and I realized academics were even more important than football in the long run."
Based on that conclusion, Barker feels Harvard is the best fit.
"They offer the top level of academics I could find," he said. "I'm also excited about the football there. Coach Murphy is a good coach and they're a winning program. It gives me the opportunity to play earlier, possibly."
Barker also cited his desire to stay close to home, something else that worked in Harvard's favor.
The 6-foot-6, 230-pound prospect has alerted the Stanford coaches of his decision and he said they took it well.
Barker is now done with the recruiting process. He has submitted his application to Harvard and has been accepted.
Barker is ranked the No. 9 tight end in the nation.