Stadnik brothers are set to decide

A decision is coming for Greensboro (N.C.) Western Guilford offensive linemen Brock Stadnik and Clayton Stadnik. The two brothers plan to make a formal announcement on Thursday about their college destination.
"They are going to make a decision on Thursday, it's going to be in the afternoon, later in the day towards the end of school," Western Guilford head coach Casey Causey said. "They haven't opened a tremendous amount, but I've been supportive and they're going to weigh their decision and make the best decision for their family.
"I haven't gotten into the schools as much, I want to be excited like everybody else. They're going to make a good decision and they are weighing a lot of factors, not just football, academics, but everything. They are mature and they're going to make a good decision."

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What is important for the Stadniks in their decision making with two days to go?
"Their dad played in the NFL and it's a close family, the recruiting process is not new to this family," he said. "They've handled it well with class and grace. They've done a thorough job looking at a lot of places.
"Several things are critical for them, the relationship with the coach that is recruiting them, the academic portion and the location. They are well-rounded 4.0 GPA kids and they care about their degrees, they want to get a good education and graduate on time."
While he wouldn't say with certainty, Causey believes the two brothers plan to play together at the next level.
"I think they would like to be together, there's no question, but they might shock the world. I'm taking an educated guess."
The two brothers share a few offers including East Carolina, NC State, South Carolina, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest.
So, whoever lands the Stadniks, what are they getting in terms of a player?
"With Brock, in my opinion they are getting the most complete offensive linemen I've been around in 18-years of coaching," he said. "He's fundamentally sound and has great feet, great hands and is a solid, solid offensive lineman. His upside is huge. He's also very tenacious and a great kid. He's a super nice kid, but on the football field he is tough, he finishes blocks and that tenacity really will translate well to the next level.
"With Clayton, there is a lot of upside to him. He came in not very big; he was a defensive back, wide receiver, linebacker and tight end type of kid. Last year as a sophomore he had grown and we put him on the offensive line. He did well for us, this year he grew more and had gotten bigger. Because he was a linebacker, defensive back, H-back, he had good feet and that will be good for the center position.
"I think both of them have a bright future and whoever gets them is going to be getting two good football players."