St. Petersburg DE tearing it up

Julian Riley is in the middle of a busy summer. He and quarterback teammate Patrick CarterClick One of the rising players on the west coast of Florida is defensive end Julian Riley of St. Petersburg-Lakewood. Riley is getting tons of interest from colleges and already has quite a few scholarship offers.Here to view this Link. are planning to attend several camps together and the first camp they both attended was at Clemson last weekend.
"We had a really good camp," Riley said. "I was talking to the (Clemson) defensive coordinator and he said he could guarantee a scholarship offer because I blazed it up so good at the camp. I really did awesome."
This weekend Julian and Patrick are attending a camp at Tennessee.
"Tennessee said that they wanted to offer us and they said they'd most likely get with us after they can see us in person," Riley said. "That's the main reason we're going to that camp because they said they'd most likely offer if they can see us one-on-one. I really like them."
After the UT camp Julian Riley is then off to Pittsburgh.
"Next week the 18th, 19th, and 20th, I'm going to be at the University of Pittsburgh's camp," Riley said. "We're going to the University of Florida camp the 22nd. I forget which day in July but we're going to Georgia Tech and at the end of July we may be going to the Florida State camp. I'm not sure about the Florida State camp yet but I'm sure about the rest of those."
Julian Riley has several offers. Some schools have expressed their desire to offer him a scholarship in writing and others just told him over the phone.
"I have five official offers and then I have schools that say they are going to offer but they have to finish doing all their evaluating and they say they will contact me again in early July," Riley said. "West Virginia said that they're going to offer. Nebraska said they were going to offer indefinitely and LSU and Tulane said the same thing. So I have four unofficial offers. The written offers I have are from Pittsburgh, Clemson now, Rutgers, Wisconsin, and Boston College."
Location isn't going to be a deciding factor for Julian. He's open to attending a school anywhere in the country.
"I'll go to school anywhere," Riley said. "The first factor I'll look at in determining a school is graduation rate, how their educational programs are and everything like that. My main thing, because I could get hurt playing football tomorrow, is that I really do want to get a degree, probably in communications and broadcasting. The second thing is the atmosphere, like a family atmosphere. I want to like the city. I don't mind going to place in the country but as long as it's not too much in the country... I want to have a life a little bit. The third thing most likely is playing time. I know I'm good enough to play. I forget the one coach's name at Clemson, but he was saying that they were talking about me during the staff meeting, so that was good to hear. At the Nike camp I did really, really good at that also. I know I'm good enough to play. So that's another thing I'm going to take into consideration--playing time."
Julian Riley would really like to attend a school with his friend Patrick Carter.
"The main schools I would want to go to are the schools Pat and me could go to," Riley said. "Those schools are most likely Tennessee maybe and LSU who basically has offered both of us. Pat has a written offer from LSU and LSU sent me a letter last week saying it was on the way. Tennessee, LSU, Clemson-- those are the three who seem to be offering both of us. If that doesn't happen my other main schools would probably be Boston College or Wisconsin. To add a sixth school it would be Nebraska."
Even if the right offer comes along Julian doesn't think he will be making a commitment early.
"No, I'm going to wait until everything is laid out on the table," Riley said. "I do lots of research. I'm on the internet like most of the day e-mailing coaches. I'll read all the mail they send me. I pray to God everyday that I do make the best decision. I'm basically going to wait until I get all my offers and everything like that on the table and evaluate and see which one is the best one for me. Then I'm going to make that commitment then."
Riley plays several different positions at Lakewood but he will be recruited to play DE.
"I also play offensive tackle and I also play tight end," Riley said. "When we put in tight zero, which is a formation we run in our offense, I'll play tight end. I also play offensive tackle so I play both ways. I start at defensive end. I know how to long snap also."
At defensive end Julian likes to compare himself to Jevon Kearse.
"I'd say I'm very good all around," Riley said. "I pride myself rushing the passer though because I come really, really quick off the edge. I have a really fast start off ... if you ever see film on me I'm the first person on my team off the line of scrimmage and a lot of times if the lineman - if he's average- I beat him off the edge and he can't even touch me. I'm really strong too. I think I'm more of an all around defensive end but I'm a really good pass rusher."
Last year on defense Riley recorded 50 tackles, 18 of those for a loss, 13 sacks, 16 QB hurries, one pass deflection, one caused fumble, and two fumble recoveries. Riley is 6-foot-3 and a half, 242 pounds, and runs the forty-yard in 4.6 seconds. He benches 365, squats between 450 and 500, can rep 225 pounds 15 times, can rep 185 pounds 26 times, has a 28 inch vertical jump, and a standing long jump of 8.11.
Lakewood just finished off their 2002 spring practice with a jamboree against St. Petersburg Northeast.
"In the spring game that we just had I had one and a half sacks, a caused fumble, a fumble recovery, and four tackles," Riley said. "I had six QB hurries. Man, I had a really good spring game. I can't wait for the season. We played Northeast High School and they're like really good."
Julian Riley is confident about Lakewood's chances for a title in 2002. Lakewood competes in Class 4A and he says they are the third best team in the Tampa Bay area.
"In the tri county area it's Tampa-Jefferson (as the best)", Riley said. "I know you've heard about Jefferson. Then I think it's Plant in Tampa and then we're the number three team. We have 15 or 20 juniors returning. We have a really good team and also depth this year on the offensive line which we haven't had in recent years. We are looking really good. I really believe we're going to the state championship this year. I strongly believe that. I'm not trying to sound overconfident but I strongly believe that."