St. Pete QB following in brothers footsteps

St. Petersburg (Fla.) Lakewood quarterback Patrick Carter is already familiar with the recruiting process. His older brother Tim was a star wide receiver and kickoff return specialist at Auburn University for four years and went through much of what Patrick is going through now.
"I guess you could say it's like a flashback when my brother went through recruiting except that they're calling me now," Patrick Carter said. "All the coaches that were recruiting Tim remember me when I was little. The coaches have been saying stuff like, 'I remember when you were little, like four feet tall and running around.' I'm like, yeah I remember you too, Coach."
Tim Carter, a 1998 Auburn signee, was a second round selection by the New York Giants in April's NFL Draft. caught up with Patrick Carter (6-2, 175) this past Sunday evening after he had returned from a football camp at Clemson. He attended the camp with several of his teammates including defensive end Julian Riley. Carter wasn't home for long because this week he is attending camps at Tulane and Tennessee.
"That was real fun," Carter said of the Clemson camp. "Julian Riley and I both went up there. We (Carter and Riley) both got offers from Clemson yesterday."
The month of May was also a busy one for Patrick. The schools that came by Lakewood High School were just too many to keep track of. So were the phone calls.
"I probably got about three phone calls a day," Carter said. "Most of them I had to ask to call back in ten minutes so I could talk to every one of them. I must have received 70-something calls."
Like Tim did a few years ago, Patrick also plays QB for Lakewood High. But unlike Tim who instantly switched to corner and then wide receiver in college, Patrick is going to be recruited to play QB and will be given every opportunity to succeed there. As a junior, Carter passed for 2,370 yards and 21 touchdowns, and on the ground he rushed for 300 yards and 4 touchdowns. Patrick is also fast-- he was just timed at a 4.4 in the forty-yard dash at the Clemson camp. He will be recruited to play quarterback but could always move to wide receiver if things didn't work out there.
"Throwing wise, I try to model myself after Joe Montana," Patrick said. "Running wise, I guess you could say my brother (Tim)."
Carter recently finished spring practice with a jamboree against rival Northeast High School and the Lakewood Spartans won, 33-28. Carter had an 86-yard touchdown pass to his fullback Marcus Anderson in that game.
Back to recruiting-- it's not just Clemson that has offered Patrick Carter a scholarship. Several other schools have also done the same and probably several more will be added to the list over the summer.
"I've been offered by Clemson, I just got that one yesterday," Carter said. "Also Iowa State, LSU, Minnesota, Troy State, and Tulane. I'm going to Tulane's camp before the summer is over. Tennessee wants to see me run before they offer me. I already clocked a 4.4 at Clemson. Once they see me run I'll think I have one (from Tennessee)."
Patrick said one of the biggest things he's going to look for in a school is the stability of the coaching staff and how they get along with the team. Ideally, he wants that family atmosphere that he said Tim had while at Auburn.
"I'd like to see longevity of the coaching staff," Carter said. "I want them to be together. How close the team is off the field, how much they hang together, how much the coaches associate with the players off the field. I'd like to see everybody just being available for each other, like a family."
Patrick Carter isn't ready to name any favorite schools yet but he did enjoy his experience this past weekend at Clemson.
"Not really," Carter replied when asked if he had any school preferences. "Clemson really impresses me because their campus is just like Auburn's. I just got back today (from their camp) like a half hour ago. Clemson is nice, but I don't have a favorite school because all are doing their tasks... I'll have to take visits, official and unofficial visits, to schools that I think I might want to attend."
Tim has also been offering his younger brother some advice about recruiting.
"Tim said, 'don't worry about college right now. You've already been offered by the SEC and ACC which are the toughest conferences in the NCAA. Don't worry about any schools. When you talk to coaches during the season make it short because you have to first focus on schoolwork and then your football practices and games.' After the season is over then I've got really start looking hard."
Patrick has an overall grade point average of 3.0 and scored a 970 on the SAT as a sophomore so qualifying should be no problem for him.