Speight makes a big decision

Though he doesn't have offers, Richmond (Va.) The Collegiate School quarterback Wilton Speight made a major decision this week. The 6-foot-6, 217-pounder broke down the latest with Rivals.com.
"I got the ok about reclassifying on Friday for the 2014 class," he said. "It's not only for sports, but also for maturity as well, it will definitely help with everything.
"A lot of things really went into it. Going to Collegiate, it's a tough school and you know the academics are pretty tough. But, breaking my collarbone in the first game of the season and getting back for the last two, it's pretty rough. Having your junior year is the most important in the recruiting process, so I really thought it would only be beneficial to have it."

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Speight noted he would get to play his senior year by rule because he will still be 18 at the time.
Speight has already made some coaches aware of his decision.
"I talked to Auburn the other day and their coach said I'm one of their top prospects for their recruiting class," he said. "I talked to Coach Reid from Virginia and he was shocked, but in a good way and supportive of the idea.
"I also talked to Shane Beamer from Virginia Tech. He jumped all over it immediately and he and I are very close. He said he thinks it's an excellent idea and can only help with my recruiting. He was very supportive as well."
So, what's the plan from here regarding his recruitment?
"I let all the coaches know I'm on the clock for 2014 and I'll continue to go out to California to work out with Steve Clarkson and then I'm going to hit the summer camp circuit."
Speight had no specifics on where he'll camp this summer.
In the meantime, Speight is working with Steve Clarkson who has worked with such quarterbacks as Ben Roethlisberger, Tim Tebow, Matt Barkley and David Sills.
"He's really committed to helping me develop into a better quarterback with my fundamentals and mechanics," he said. "Now that I have one more year in high school, he thinks he can get me the hype to be a big-time recruit. I'm traveling out there once or twice a month and he's breaking down my throwing motion and then building it back up and it's really, really helping me."