Spartans set deadline for LB

Cleveland (Ohio) Glenville Academic Campus linebacker Frank Clark knows time is winding down and he will have to make his decision soon.
Timing is everything this time of year as prospects fly off the board and schools are filling up.
Clark isn't sure when he will be ready to make his decision and that could impact what options he has whenever he is ready to announce his destination.

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"Coach Narduzzi and coach Dantonio from Michigan State came by today," Clark said. "The thing that stuck with me was they want to know what's going on by Friday, if I'm going to attend Michigan State. It was something like that.
"But hey, if that's their deadline and it's not my deadline then I might be going somewhere else. I could wait 'til Saturday or I could wait 'til Monday. It doesn't really affect me because I know colleges have their needs."
Michigan has been coming on strong with Clark but the Wolverines know they have had some ground to make up.
The 6-foot-2, 210-pound linebacker took an official visit to the school over the weekend and it went very well. Clark is learning as much as he can about new head coach Brady Hoke, and how his relationship develops with him could have a huge impact on how things play out.
"That was my first time speaking with him in any way," he recalled. "He's a great coach in my mind. I'm just trying to see what things will look like for him in the future. He seems like a coach that just wants the best for the team. I believe coach Hoke is coming by sometime this week, too."
Does it hurt Michigan that Clark is relatively unfamiliar with Hoke?
"Obviously that's a factor because I've got a relationship with all these other coaches. This guy comes in and I'm really only going off what he's telling me and what other people are telling me about him," he said.
"I don't know too much. I haven't seen too much. Obviously we don't get San Diego State games over here."
Clark said North Carolina is the only other school in the mix right now.
"They're still in the mix," he said. "They're hanging in there as much as possible. (Those schools) are all the same. They're all coming at me strong."