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Southeast OL has four trips in mind

Lafayette (La.) St. Thomas Moore offensive tackle Geoff Berniard has a dilemma. On the field, usually tough STM is 0-2 for the first time in more than 20 years, but off the field he’s starting to pick up a ton of recruiting attention. So the question goes, how happy can he be with so many different emotions running through him.
“It’s tough,” the 6-foot-8, 320-pound Berniard said. “We’ve never started out like this on the field and have had never had this many problems winning games. We’re going to go back to the basics a little more on offense this week.
“We were trying to make too many chances on offense and were going with personnel type offensive sets, but we’re changing things around and going back to our old style of offense.”
But off the field things, couldn’t be better for Berniard, ranked as a 5.4 on the Rivals Rating scale.
He’s received calls from Vanderbilt, Duke, LSU, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Florida State, Tennessee, Ole Miss and Oregon. He’s also received new scholarship offers from Oregon and Ole Miss, to go along with offers from MSU, FSU and Virginia Tech.
“It’s kind of getting exciting,” Berniard said. “I think I might also be getting offers soon from Tennessee and Arkansas. Both haven’t sent me anything official and just said if I wanted to commit then it would be all right and they’d find a way to make it official.”
What is he thinking about when it comes to official visits?
“I haven’t really set them up, but I have in mind four schools that I want to see,” Berniard said. “I’ll take trips to Mississippi State, Tennessee, Florida State and Virginia Tech. Maybe I’ll take my fifth to Oregon, but I’m not sure. I don’t want to rush things at all, and I’m taking a lot of unofficial visits.”
For example he took one this weekend to Mississippi State.
“I was there for the Tulane game,” he said. “It was a little surprising to see Tulane come back on them and win.”