Sophomore OT lands first offers

Prattville, Ala., offensive tackle Austin Golson received a text from a Prattville coach last weekend that said to contact him. What followed took Golson by surprise.
In a good way.
"He said FSU and Southern Miss both offered," Golson recalled.

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For Golson, a 15-year-old sophomore, the offers were his first.
"I feel like I'll be good enough," Golson said. "But I never thought it'd be those two schools. I thought it would be just some little schools. I was thrilled. My family was really happy. My grandma almost was in tears. They were so happy."
Besides FSU and Southern Miss, two programs about which Golson said he knows little, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, LSU, Oregon and Tennessee also are showing interest.
"I always liked Auburn [growing up], but right now it's to the point I'm interested in whoever is interested in me," Golson said.
Golson, who is 6-foot-5, 275 pounds, bench presses 315 pounds and plays left tackle, was a first-year varsity starter in 2010.
"I was our offensive lineman of the week eight or nine times," Golson said. "I graded 100 against one team. I had a couple A's, couple B's, C's … had D's, too. Think I got one of them. The main thing I need to work on is my pulling; my steps. Really, just pulling and getting to the line."
The early attention won't give Golson a big ego, he insisted.
"I will work harder," Golson said. "That's just how I am."