Soph. OL already seeing offers

With the 2014 recruiting cycle just getting underway, one 2015 offensive line is already drawing a lot of attention. Matthew Burrell from Fredericksburg (Va.) Chancellor is up to seven offers from Clemson, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Wake Forest and Connecticut.
"I started getting offers when North Carolina came to practice during the third or fourth week of the season," said the 6-foot-5, 265-pound Burrell. "I don't know much about North Carolina. I know they will be getting better over the next few years. After that, I was always in contact with Virginia but I started hearing from coaches a lot more."
Burrell was surprised the two in-state schools were not the first to offer him.
"After North Carolina I think Clemson was the next to offer me," he said. "I don't know much about them either. I met their defensive coordinator during my freshman year and I never heard from him again. After I got my offer I called and thanked him for it. Other than that I really don't know anything about Clemson.
"I think Wake Forest came after Clemson," said Burrell. "I know that they're close to North Carolina, Duke and N.C. State down there. I know it's a pretty popular school so I'm starting to hear more about them.
"I didn't expect Virginia and Virginia Tech to be the fourth and fifth to offer me," he said. "I thought the first one was going to come from Virginia but they wait until February to offer me, after Virginia Tech. I'm really not sure why they waited so long to offer me. Maybe they wanted to make sure my grades were good enough or maybe it was because of the coaching changes.
"Maryland is a great school and I love the atmosphere there," Burrell said. "They are a very hard working and focused program. Every one knows they are on the rise. Plus I have known Coach Brattan for a while now too."
Burrell has some help when it comes to getting some looks from college scouts.
"These early offers are great. I'm very thankful," he said. "(Teammate and Rivals100 offensive lineman) Steven Moss has been a big help. The more they come for Steven, the more coaches that see me. The more offers I get, the more I want to work hard so I can get more offers. It's really exciting. I'm very thankful but now it's just making me work harder."
Other schools have begun to take notice of Burrell.
"N.C. State, Michigan, Florida State, Miami, Notre Dame, Penn State, East Carolina, Duke, Tennessee and Vanderbilt are all in contact with me," Burrell said. "I really have no idea which school will offer next or how I'm going to pick a school. I'm just focusing on my grades and getting better."
Burrell also plays basketball for Chancellor.