Sooto talks about visit to SDSU

Shortly after returning from his official visit to BYU back in September, Carlsbad (Calif.) tight end Vic So’oto looked like close to a lock for the Cougs and there was even talk that he had given them a silent commitment. After a coaching change and a visit to San Diego State this past weekend, it appears a new leader has emerged.
“I really liked my visit,” So’oto said. “San Diego State is the local school but I never really considered them that much until recently. I mean, I was always going to visit but after seeing things close up and talking with the players and coaches, I think it’s a great school with a lot to offer. They’re probably my leader right now.
“I liked my trips to BYU and Washington State as well and they’re all still in it. BYU, they don’t have a coach right now so everything is kind of up in the air there. I was leaning there pretty big after I visited but things are kind of in a holding pattern right now with them. I’m going to visit Arizona this weekend (Dec. 10) and then I should be ready to make a decision shortly after that visit.”
So’oto also had a home visit with Aztec coach Tom Kraft earlier tonight.
“It was a good visit because I still had some questions following my official visit,” So’oto said. “One of the questions was if I would still have a spot there after I take my mission (Mormon) and he said they definitely would so that was good to hear.
“SDSU is just a good overall fit. They have a good offense and like to throw the ball. I think I could play early there so that’s another plus and being close to home, it’s not a huge factor, but it would be a nice bonus for my family to be able to see me play all the time.”