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SoCal QB red hot

When you're hot, you're hot and quarterback Ryan Katz (6-2, 194, 4.7) from Santa Monica, Calif., hot on the heels of two big Pac 10 offers yesterday another Pac 10 school threw their hat into the ring and even a SEC school is interested in him.
"I'm pretty excited," Katz said. "Coach Tyrone Willingham sent me a text to call him.
"I called him back and we talked for about 10 minutes," Katz said. "Coach Willingham said he can't wait for me to go up there and watch some game film with him. He's said he's going to offer me a scholarship.
"I haven't been up there yet, but I hope to get up there soon," Katz said. "But if not Washington is having a senior day August 4th. I hope to make that if I can't get there earlier.
"I'm also beginning to hear from LSU," Katz said. "They really want to get me up to their camp to see what I can do. LSU may take two quarterbacks this year.
"My Grandma lives about a hour outside of Baton Rouge so hopefully I can get up there for their camp," Katz said. "Last time I visited my Grandma I took an unofficial visit to LSU.
Everything is happening at a very fast pace for Katz it was just yesterday that he was up in Oregon and he received offers from both of the Pac 10 schools that represent that state.
"Both Universities were nice," Katz said. "I knew that whatever was going to happen I was going to take this process slow.
"After I was finished camping at Oregon State I took an unofficial visit of the campus and was invited into Coach Mike Riley's office. Coach Riley said he liked what I did at the Elite 11 camp in May. Then he said he was waiting to see me when I camped with them in June.
"Coach Riley said he saw what he needed to see and they offered," Katz said. "I was really excited about that offer because one of my friends Cameron Collins will be going there. He will be in Corvallis by July 7th.
"Cameron and I became very good friends over the past four years so that is definitely a plus for Oregon State," Katz said. "We used to joke around about going to the same college and now that is a definite possibility.
"Another plus for Oregon State is they have nice facilities. Katz said. "Especially the view, the weight room and the coaches' offices look over the stadium."
After Katz camped met with Riley he trekked to Eugene 45 minutes away and camped with the Ducks for their morning session.
"I threw a couple of balls, did some footwork drills, did some one-on-ones and some seven-on-sevens," Katz said. "I think I only worked out for about an hour or an hour and a half.
"After the camp I talked to Coach Mike Bellotti," Katz said. "He said he liked what he saw and that Oregon is going to offer me a scholarship.
"At that time I hadn't seen Oregon's facilities, but I thought the stadium was nice," Katz said. "Then I saw their facilities are top of the line.
"The indoor stadium and locker room are really nice."
With all this excitement is Katz getting ready to commit?
"I want to keep everything open and my time with my decision," Katz said. "There is no time limit for my decision."