SoCal QB has all the tools

Quarterback Trevor Olson (6-5, 205, 4.8) from Los Angeles (Calif.) Cathedral has a lot of upside. When you consider that he didn't arrive onto the Cathedral campus until mid August at the earliest and was thrust into a new offense and to learn it on the fly, his senior season was nothing short of outstanding.
"Trevor's numbers speak for themselves," Cathedral head coach Kevin Pierson said. "He threw for 3,500 yards and 37 touchdowns. I think he was seventh in the state in yards and sixth in touchdowns.
"Trevor led us to the semifinals," Pierson said. "His only two losses were to Gardena (Calif.) Serra, who won the state and Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian, a team who rated No. 1 in the state at the time so he has played against quality teams and averaged close to 300 yards per game.
"The thing with Trevor is if he was in the system one more year, those numbers would have been really ridiculous, " Pierson said. "Look at his size, he's 6-5 maybe 6-5 and half and he can run, has pocket presence and his escape ability for a guy his size.
"For a guy not used to playing in a spread offense, this was his first year in this offense, .and only really running it from fall on," Pierson said. "That's the other thing, he only arrived here from Colorado in mid to late August so he wasn't involved with us to then.
"We had to force feed him stuff and he did well," Pierson said. "He proved to be an intelligent kid and a very tough kid and again for his size, he can move. He probably had 600 yards rushing, too. He had over 4,000 total offensive yards for us.
"Unfortunately most of the schools that have come in already have their quarterback for this class already," Pierson said. "It has kind of hurt him that he didn't get here earlier because even the smaller schools they have guys they have already offered, but everyone who has come by says they like him.
"San Jose State was really on him, but they changed their coaches," Pierson said. "They were a team that we were banking on, but that staff is now gone.
"I know that UNLV just hired a new staff," Pierson said. "They are the guys from Montana and supposedly they love him.
"Northern Arizona had a guy come down and they told me, they love him," Pierson said. "Northern Colorado also likes him, but we haven't heard anything from them since the Christmas break.
"I think that UNLV is going to have an in house with him this week," Pierson said. "Right now, Trevor is kind of stuck in a numbers game, but when you think that this was in first year in the spread offense and then only since August, it was a whole new feel for him, but he did a great job, especially when consider the short amount of time he had in the offense.
"Trevor can throw the ball down the field, he makes all the intermediate throws and throws with nice touch on the ball," Pierson said. "Someone is going to get him and they will be glad that they did."