SoCal OL gets first offer

Offensive lineman Caylin Hauptmann (6-4, 308, 5.1) from Beverly Hills, Calif., has worked very hard this offseason going to camps to better his skills and receive that first elusive offer. Well the proactive offensive lineman's work has paid off as he received his first offer last week.
"I picked up my first offer from Syracuse," Hauptmann said. "UCLA, Washington and San Diego State could be on the verge of offering. Texas is sending me a lot of mail."
"I recently went to Washington's camp," Hauptmann said. "They really liked me up there. They liked my feet and the way I performed on my one on one drill."
"I went to UCLA's one day camp, but their one on one drills were harder because they made everyone line up as a center," Hauptmann said. "It was still fun and UCLA liked too, so hopefully, they will offer and will see what happens in the future."
How did a Big East school become the first school to offer, Hauptmann?
"I was talking to Syracuse, basically by email," Hauptmann said. "I sent them my tape, they liked it and then they offer. Syracuse said that they need big men up front."
"I was excited when I first received my offer and I had been waiting for my first offer," Hauptmann said. "I knew once I get my first offer that other offers would follow."
For the rest of summer Hauptmann is going to continue to work and concentrate on his senior season. His summer practices will start today.
While some youngsters may go on fancy vacations, Hauptmann has other plans.
"I have been in the weight room like crazy," Hauptmann said. "I'm now benching 370, my squat is 570, that's 100 pounds more than used to be and my power clean is 300. I have been working non-stop."
One of the things that colleges like about Hauptmann is his versatility. He could end up playing guard or center on the D-I level.
Hauptmann played guard his junior season and performed well enough to be named first-team all-league. Proving his versatility, Hauptmann is scheduled to line up at offensive tackle for his senior season.