SoCal lineman heating up the charts

Offensive lineman/defensive lineman Isaac Luatua (6-3, 295, 4.95) from La Mirada, Calif., is another player who is about to hit the recruiting scene running. His film is just getting out to colleges and the response has been dizzying.
"We started sending film out and I have already received phone calls from Notre Dame, Cal, and UCLA," La Mirada coach Mike Moschetti said. "This morning (March 3rd), I received a call from Virginia, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Michigan. He's going to be a big time recruit.
"Isaac doesn't have an offer, but UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel called me two nights ago and told me he is really excited," Moschetti said. "He said he's going to sit down with the staff this Thursday morning and it looks like he's going to get his first offer from UCLA.

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"Isaac is cousin's to former UCLA offensive lineman, Shannon Tevaga," Moschetti said. "Shannon also played at La Mirada high school so he has a little UCLA love because of Shannon.
Luatua has the versatility that the D-I schools love in a prospect. Even Moschetti isn't sure what side of the ball he will end up on once he gets to college.
"Isaac plays guard for us, but could end up playing center on offense," Moschetti said. "On defense, he plays inside at defensive tackle.
"Some schools like him on defense and some like him on offense," Moschetti said. "I think if you watch him offensively, he just destroys people.
"I'm an offensive guy so I want him on the offensive side of the ball," Moschetti said. "But defensive linemen are tough to find and Isaac is a kid who has grades.
"I really don't know what side of the ball he will end up on the collegiate level," Moschetti said. "That's a tough question.
"Isaac is the type of guy that if you ask him where he wants to play," Moschetti said. "He would say he doesn't care. He just wants to play.
"Isaac has great athleticism, outstanding strength and he's mean kid on the football field," Moschetti said. "He has a lot of anger on the field and off the field, he's a big teddy bear, but once he's steps between the lines his goal is to get a scholarship and all he wants to do is win a national championships. That's all he talks about.
"Isaac benched 225-pounds, 24 times," Moschetti said. "He's also the center on the basketball team, so for three months, he hasn't really been lifting so he naturally strong. He's a freak. He's about a 550 on the squat."
Luatua was first-team all-league and first-team all-CIF his junior season as a defensive lineman. He also made the Long Beach Telegram's prestigious Dream Team as an offensive lineman. Luatua racked up 51 tackles, one pass deflect and one fumble recovery.
Luatua carries a 2.9 GPA and will be taking his SAT in the very near future. Moschetti said he's going to be fine academically and should be able to qualify for just about every school in the Pac 10.