SoCal DT climbs the charts

Defensive tackles are always at a premium. There are never enough good ones and sometimes there are qualifying issues so when good and qualified come together at that position then you can bet offers will soon follow. Look for defensive tackle Justin Brown (6-2, 260, 4.8) from Compton, Calif., to be a hot topic on the recruiting trail.
"Justin is a player who should be flying off the radar real soon," Compton coach Calvin Bryant said. "He's a got a 3.0 GPA and he's a first-team all-leaguer. He is the real deal.
"Justin already is very strong and he's one of the best wrestlers in our league," Bryant said. "He gets off the rock really quick and he has the knack of finding the ball carrier.
"The thing that makes Justin special is he's very explosive and I think he should be one of the best defensive linemen in our league if not Southern California.
"Justin is having an outstanding off-season in preparation for the fall," Bryant said. "He participated in wrestling and we hope he translates some of his wrestling skills to fall his senior season.
On the recruiting trail, Brown is already a pretty hot topic as he is getting recruiting attention from UCLA, USC, Arizona State, Cal, and Fresno State.
"Justin is getting mail from everybody," Bryant said. "He was the only defensive tackle at USC's junior day and he was able to talk to the Trojan's defensive line coach.
"I believe that Justin will be an impact player in college," Bryant said. "That being said, he still has another level of growth or two. He still hasn't full stride of his potential, but he has the work ethic to reach his full promise as a football player.
"With the things that Justin has brought to the table with all of his hard work this off-season," Bryant said. "We look for him to be one of our team leaders this fall.
As a junior, Brown racked up 58 tackles, two sacks and one fumble recovery.
In the weight room, Brown currently benches 350 and he cleans 230.